WIRED Store 2011

Client: WIRED

Role: Lead designer (work done at Condè Nast Studio)

Background: Digital extension of the WIRED holiday pop-up store in New York City.

2012 MIN Best of the Web finalist.

Winner of the 2012 IAC Best Electronics Integrated Ad Campaign award.

Landing page: Items from each category automatically animate in and out of the frame in order to increase initial product views.

Landing page 2: Site features a liquid, dynamic layout, adapting to width and height of user's browser. The wider the browser window, the more products are visible.

Landing page 3: Background has subtle animation, with 'ice pixels' flickering and shifting. Hero image carousel would guide users through featured items, store specials, and editorially-curated collections of products.

Product category page example.

Product detail page example.

Wishlist cart example.

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