Tide TotalCare Fashion Campaign

Client: Condè Nast fashion brand sites + Tide

Role: Lead designer (work done at Condè Nast Studio)

Background: Style-focused ad campaign done in partnership with Condè Nast's beauty and fashion brands. Tide sought Condè Nast's style expertise in developing messaging and imagery to help consumers think about the TotalCare detergent as a way of keeping their favorite high-end fashion pieces in pristine condition.

Banner ad unit placement examples. The campaign consisted of prominently placed banner-ads and disruptive homepage takeovers with trend-forward imagery on Condè Nast's fashion brands, including Allure, Glamour, Lucky, and Style.com. Three sets of ads were produced, each focusing on a current trend from the seasons's color forecast.

Expandable ad unit. Ads expand on rollover, featuring editorially-curated lookbooks refelecting the latest runway trends for each color. Experts from the various fashion brands break down the selected looks and give tips and suggestions on how to achieve them using washable articles of clothing and complimenting accessories from partner brands.

300x600 non-expandable Flash ad banner examples.

Tide TotalCare Fashion Ads

Fagè Homepage Takeover

WIREDStore 2011 Site

Repomen AR Game

L'oreal Popup Shop on Allure

Saab Homepage Takeover

Iridescent Learning Site

Dockers GQ Microsite

Seoulbeats K-Pop Blog

Samsung Homepage Takeover