Repo Men Artiforg Hunt

Client: WIRED + Universal Pictures

Role: Lead designer (work done at Condè Nast Studio)

Background: Alternate reality-tinged game designed to create buzz for the Universal Pictures sci-fi film RepoMen. Players, or "Hunters," attempted to track four "Runners," people selected by the studio who attempted to disappear into thin air. Runners were required to send proof that they'd completed various tasks, and clues about their current and future activity were constantly leaked to two blogs (one public, one hidden) created for the game. At stake: a $7,500 bounty per Runner.

Contest info and registration page: Viewers would sign up to become Registered Artiforg Hunters at this site.

The Union Blog: Official blog. Hints and clues on Runner activities were posted here throughout the game. Players could communicate with each other and swap tips and rumors via the commenting system.

ARGUS Blog: 'Unnoficial' blog, with additional 'secret' information on Runner locations and activities. There were no ads or links driving to this blog initially. Participants could uncover the URL through a series of clues embedded in a print issue of WIRED magazine.

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