L'Oreal Paris Allure Pop-up Shop

Client: Allure + L'Oreal Paris

Role: Lead designer (work done at Condè Nast Studio)

Background: Integrated microsite focusing on L'Oreal Paris products on Allure.com. Videos of top-tier makeup artists at high-end fashion shows, as well as stunning, eye-catching slideshows reveal the hottest current makeup trends. Step-by-step tutorials teach viewers how to achieve the looks. Throughout the site, viewers are able to purchase the products they need via integration with Soap.com.

Trend video page example with product purchase recommendation. Viewers can learn how to recreate the look, what L'oreal products they'll need, and purchase them.

Product detail. Products that are featured in trend videos or tutorials have links to those features, showing viewers possible applications for the product.

Product gallery thumbnail grid.

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